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In the market for a new heating and cooling system, but aren’t sure about investing in a gas furnace or central air conditioner? Are you building a new home or room addition and don’t want the invasive task of adding ductwork? Maybe you are remodeling your home and converting an outbuilding or attic to a home office. Ductless mini-splits offer a heating and cooling solution that does not demand air ducts! 

Armor Air’s HVAC experts have been helping our neighbors in Avon, IN install their ductless systems for years, and would be honored to bring you the same trusted service. Learn more about ductless mini split systems below and give us a call if you’re interested in a ductless system in your Avon, Indiana home.

What is a Ductless Mini Split System?

Just like it implies in the name, a ductless mini-split system is a type of heating and cooling system that does not require the reliance on air ducts and vents to circulate air. Ductless mini-splits consist of an outdoor compressor unit and an indoor air handler, connected by a system of refrigerant lines that run between the two units. The indoor unit can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, or floor and can be used to control the temperature in specific areas of the home. 

This type of system is ideal for areas where traditional ductwork is difficult or impossible to install. Because these systems are heat pumps, they only rely on electricity. This simplifies installation compared to appliances that require gas line installation and other extensive labor. Best of all ductless mini-splits provide both heating and cooling.

Advantages that Ductless Mini Splits Have Over Traditional HVAC Systems

Ductless systems are incredibly versatile HVAC systems that produce high-quality comfort for all seasons. As previously noted, heat pumps operate on electricity. This means these appliances are more eco-friendly than other heating and cooling systems. Ductless mini-splits do not produce direct emissions because they only run on electricity. Here are a few other advantages that ductless mini-splits have over the competition:

Cost Savings

The biggest benefit of a ductless mini-split system is the cost savings. They obviously don’t require the installation of new ducts, and their operational efficiency reduces energy bills in the long run.


Installing ductless mini-split systems can supplement the temperature in specific areas of the home. This allows your entire family to create the most comfortable environment for their needs. As opposed to traditional systems which can only control the temperature of your entire home, ductless mini-splits provide zones of comfort. This makes them ideal for homes that have multiple areas with different heating and cooling needs. This is also what makes ductless mini-splits great options for sunrooms, garages, sheds, or other isolated or detached structures.

Improved Efficiency

Since they don’t require the use of ducts, ductless mini-splits don’t suffer from the energy loss that can occur with traditional systems. Damaged ducts can leak the warmed or cooled air that your system produces, and cause appliances to work harder. Since you don’t have to worry about that with ductless systems, this can help reduce energy bills and improve the comfort level of your home.

Quiet Operation

Ductless mini-split systems tend to be much quieter than traditional systems. Ducts generate a lot of noise because they have to carry conditioned air all over the home. No ducts equal less noise pollution. Compared to a window air conditioner, ductless mini-splits offer a radically better option. The outdoor unit can be concealed and mounted away from the space you live in. Indoor units quietly distribute air. 

Keep Your Ductless System Running Smoothly With Regular Maintenance

Your shiny new ductless system will work like a charm for the first few months but will need regular maintenance to stay that way. Regular maintenance can help to identify any small problems before they become more serious and costly issues. Additionally, regular maintenance can help to extend the life of your system and reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns. Finally, regular maintenance can help to ensure that your system is running as efficiently as possible, which can help to reduce energy bills. Learn more about our Shield Protection Plan which comes with regular maintenance visits and a load of other valuable benefits.

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High-Quality Ductless Mini-Split Installation Services in Avon, Indiana

If you want to enjoy the cost benefits and guilt-free, eco-friendly operation of a ductless mini-split system, contact the ductless system experts in your neighborhood. Trust Armor Air for all of your local HVAC needs. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our expertise with all makes and models of ductless systems and can help you with the most energy-efficient, cost-effective setup for your ductless units. Save hundreds on your energy bills, and enjoy both warm and cool comfort throughout the year! Call Armor Air today for ductless mini-split installation services.

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