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Armor Air Is There For Your Plainfield Furnace Repairs

Needing a furnace repair in the middle of a cold, dark, Plainfield, Indiana winter night can be one of the most harrowing experiences a Hoosier family can go through. The trusted HVAC specialists at Armor Air have your back and can come to your rescue at all hours of the night. We have been helping homeowners in the Plainfield, Indiana area fix their furnace issues and restore their home’s comfort, and we would be honored to do the same for you. The next time your Plainfield, Indiana heating system breaks down, give us a call! 

When to Call for a Furnace Repair

To avoid the worst-case scenario of waking up in the middle of the night shivering from a broken furnace, here are a few signs that you will probably notice before a total shutdown.

Energy Bills Increasing

Have you been noticing a climb in your energy costs over the past few months? Chances are something is wrong with your furnace and it’s working harder to warm your home. This can be caused by anything from a dirty air filter all the way to a cracked heat exchanger. Whatever the case, consider calling Armor Air to get to the bottom of this problem and fix it before it becomes a bigger problem.

Furnace Emitting Strange Odors

A strange odor coming from your furnace can mean a number of things including a natural gas leak, electrical problems, dirty air filters, vent problems, blockages, overheating, or a cracked heat exchanger. At Armor Air, we do what’s right to make sure your family is safe and comfortable. Give us a call to investigate the cause of these odors.

More Dust Than Usual

More dust normally means that there’s a buildup other than a dirty air filter. Call Armor Air’s technicians to inspect your vents and fix whatever is causing the excess dust in your home.

Loud Banging Noises

If you hear a banging or clanging noise when your furnace is running there could be a loose component or a problem with the motor blower. 

Do You Need Emergency Furnace Repair Service?

If you weren’t able to address these issues before they turned into a bigger problem, and you find yourself in need of a repair in the middle of the night, there’s no need to worry. Armor Air’s heating and cooling technicians are on-call 24-7 ready to assist you with emergency repair services.

Just call us, 24/7/365, and we’ll send one of our skilled HVAC technicians to your Plainfield, IN area home to assess the situation and resolve any problems. We care about the comfort and safety of your family and consider it a privilege to help.

Contact Armor Air for Excellent Furnace Repair Services Today

Armor Air is very proud to serve Plainfield and the greater Indianapolis area with high-quality HVAC, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality products and services. We care about our friends and neighbors in this area and feel very privileged to help maintain comfort and safety in their homes.

Please don’t hesitate to call our polite and approachable team today. We have a ton of experience with most brands and models of air conditioners, gas furnaces, and any other heating and cooling systems.

Or if you like, you may always Schedule Service Online 24/7. Either way, we are always here and excited to make you our next super-satisfied customer. Our furnace repair technicians always do what’s right to earn your long-term trust.

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